Sleep? What’s that!

Every college student has faced the problem of choosing between sleep and something else they want to do. No matter your major or background almost all college students struggle to find time for sleep. Forty-eight hours is the longest I have ever gone without sleep during finals my junior year and my grades highly suffered for it and a day later. Coincidence? Maybe for the sickness but definitely not for the grades. Cramming has never helped me in the past and that was the year I truly learned my lesson. Now as a senior I have learned never to lose sleep because of cramming and to always do your work as far ahead of time as possible.

However, some days you will get less sleep then you are used to and you have to learn how to deal with it. As a non-coffee drinker I normally have to take a nap in the middle of the day if I can but if I can’t sneak in a nap I will normally drink something like a Red bull for the energy. However, a lot of college students get addicted to caffeine so it’s something that you should keep back for the times you really need it. On normal days that you could not avoid the loss of sleep just try to push though, if it’s a test day where you really need to be alert would be the time to use it. Try to always get your sleep! As a senior in college I have been though a lot of school and know a lot of people I have seen the effects of long term and short term sleep loss and both never helped me with my school and never made me feel better. Make your normal routine so that you always get enough sleep at around the same time. But some days things will come up and you will lose sleep and on those days make sure you adjust your day accordingly ad just got to bed early the next night. 

If you would like some medical advice on sleep loss and how to deal with it you could visit the medical clinic here on the WOU campus. Student Health Center here on the WOU campus lets it students make medical and counseling appointments for free to help with the needs of the students. If you follow the link and make a medical or counseling apartment you will be seen and given advice or help to move you forward with your sleeping problems.  

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