The Face of Green Dot: MaryLynn Ahrensbach


WOU offers students many opportunities to get involved and make an impact in the campus community. One club in particular that strives to change WOU for the better is Green Dot. Members of this club promote campus safety and the prevention of sexual violence, partner violence, bullying, and stalking.Whenever an act of violence is committed on campus, this is viewed as a red dot on the map, but when students intervene in a high-risk situation or actively promote safety, this is considered a green dot. Members of the club are striving each day to cover the map in green dots and create a safer campus for everyone.

The president of Green Dot, MaryLynn Ahrensbach, has only great things to say about the club, which she has been a member of for four years. To Ahrensbach, the purpose of Green Dot is to reduce any type of violence where someone tries to overpower another. She goes on to say that the club empowers individuals to be active bystanders and to respond to violence in a peaceful manner. Throughout her time at WOU, Ahrensbach has gained the courage to speak out and stand up for her beliefs because of her involvement with Green Dot and her responsibilities as president. Some of these responsibilities include organizing meetings and programs, making sure members are working as a team, and passing on leadership tasks to other executive members. Ahrensbach simply “had vision and wanted to grow,” and this is why she ran for president two years ago. Her favorite part about being the face of the club involves helping others and getting to watch her work. For instance, she loves to watch members grow and hear their stories about making a difference.

Ahrensbach wants to encourage more students to come to Green Dot meetings, which are every Wednesday at 7 p.m. to 8 in the library (room 107). Yet, she says that “everyone can be a green dot” by being an active bystander in high-risk situations and making an impact in the community. Overall, she says that Green Dot can give individuals hope and is very important for campus safety.

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