The importance of winding down

College can be a stressful time from pages of notes to quizzes, to that eight a.m. class where one cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it. While studying, reviewing and attending class is of utmost importance at this level of education it is also essential to remember to wind down after a long day of hard work. While this sounds like an obvious piece of advice, it is one that many students often forget.

Find what you love, and take time to do it every day.

Doing something you enjoy every day is often an activity that is overlooked, but it is needed not only for your psyche, but also for your studies. In Europe it is a common practice to take time out of the day immediately after school to relax and unwind before studying. This could be something as easy as catching up with a friend, going on a walk around town, curling up with a good book, or watching your Netflix favorites, whatever it is that brings peace to your mind allows your brain an allotment of time to relax before focusing again.

Before, during and after

Your brain is a powerhouse, it works every day for us, and we often forget that sometimes it needs a break from the college norm. Effective studying habits include planning ahead and scheduling blocks of time to studying and taking breaks. It is recommended that for every hour of studying, a break of 20-30 minutes should take place. Remember that during these breaks, homework shouldn’t be thought of. Before studying turn off your phone, this can be a challenge, but it is one that should at least be considered. Your study time shouldn’t be one full of distraction; just like your break time shouldn’t be distracted by your work. During your breaks get up and walk around, look away from your book and your computer and text back your friends, anything that relaxes you. Then at the end of the break, studying shouldn’t feel so bad anymore. It is important to reward yourself for your work. After your work is done be proud of yourself. Relaxing shouldn’t take away from productivity; it should be a part of it.

The breakdown

After school, be sure to take time for you. Find something that you enjoy doing and devote some time to it before hitting the books again, it will benefit not only your mind and body, but it could also help you focus.



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