A Unique Production: The Coming Out Monologues

Next week a unique production will take place that involves Western students, staff members, and alumni sharing their stories about the coming out process. Monologues will also be presented about coming out as a straight ally and from the viewpoint of family members and friends of people in the LGBTQ community. CM Hall came up with the idea for this production, which is inspired by the successful Vagina Monologues. Hall is the project coordinator of the Western Region Interpreter Education Center and teaches LGBTQ studies and deaf-blind interpreting.

Henry Hughes, who is a professor for the English Department, is also behind the project, and he taught a writing workshop for individuals wanting to construct high-quality monologues about the coming out process. Hughes is proud of society’s gradual openness to the LGBTQ community and believes that the first person narrative can be a powerful statement of self-love. Ted deChatelet, an assistant professor of theatre/dance, worked alongside Hughes to help individuals develop their monologues. Many of the students who have written monologues are part of the Triangle Alliance, which is a campus club that promotes a safe environment for individuals wanting to address issues about sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Coming Out Monologues production will take place on Thursday, April 30 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 in the Pacific room at the Werner Center. Students and faculty members that wish to attend this event can expect touching testimonies from individuals in their community.

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