Have no fear, midterms are almost here.

As the halfway point approaches, exams are becoming plentiful and hours of sleep each night are decreasing, but fear not there are tips that could help those fearful days become not so daunting. Here are some simple and effective ways to ease the stress of the upcoming tests and exams.

Organization is key

It may sound cliche, but the ultimate time management tool is organization. Sticky notes, planners and lists are your friends. Making a list for your day both so that you feel accomplished when you finish it and so that you don’t forget anything can be helpful and motivating. Implement rewards for yourself; they can be as simple as hanging out with your friends after you feel prepared for your exam, but keeping that organized mindset with a reward in sight will be beneficial to not only you, but maybe your test scores as well.

Location location location

Along with organization comes the perfect place to study. Whether it is the library, a coffee shop, or a temporary fort you make in your dorm room, each person is different and finding the perfect place for your studying time is essential. The environment around you can be distracting and the more your brain can focus on the material the better. Find or create an environment for yourself that helps you to focus and stay on task.

Making the time

Time management is not an easy task. Finding a balance between homework, studying, and trying to be social is a common struggle, but maybe it doesn’t have to be. Studying in increments of time and planning ahead allows for breaks and can actually help with getting better scores. Instead of cramming the night before, spread out the material so that it becomes more manageable. What seems to be out of reach becomes easier to attain if it is looked at one piece at a time. Make sure to plan ahead so that you have plenty of time to study, but also remember that eating and sleeping are the most important factors to being happy, healthy, and successful and even though it may seem like a harsh reality, that Netflix marathon will be waiting for us after those exams.

Studying your way

One of the often overlooked facts of life is that people learn in different ways, and for an exam it’s important to discover the best way that you learn and retain information. Many need complete silence, while others need music or some sort of background noise. Find your balance and what makes studying the easiest.

Whether it’s through flashcards, lists, study groups, office hours, or somewhere in the middle, find what makes you the most comfortable and work with it. This could take time and multiple tries, but once you find your way, the benefits will much outweigh the costs.

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