Simple transitions to healthy eating

Have you ever tried dieting? Counting calories with an app? Or measuring your food with cups and tablespoons? And did it work for a week or two, maybe less? Yep, me too.

Failing to maintain a diet is common because our bodies can only handle so many changes before resorting back to the norm. The dieting industry relies on our failure to maintain significant changes, knowing we will use their product temporarily, then stop in a short time.

The key to eating healthy is to do it in small, manageable changes, one at a time. The change could be as simple as skipping the mocha you pick up on your way to school, eating a vegetable at lunch every day, or swapping some fruit for sweets as a snack.

One tiny change a week can build up to significant progress over several months, leading you to healthful changes that you can stick with!

So what’s your first change going to be? This week I’ll be adding some vegetables to my lunch plate daily, starting with a green salad. Comment below with your first step to eating healthy!


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