Senior Year Highlights

The 2014-2015 school year has been an eventful year for me, and most importantly, the last one to complete my undergraduate degree. I have spent years longing for the time when I would finally be able to call myself a senior, have my own recital, and leave the music department knowing I had made an impact. Well, it turns out that I won’t be leaving for some time, as I have signed up for round two: masters school. With that being said, I’ve had some great musical experiences in the last couple months, and I’ve listed them below:

Radiohead Concert (March)

Last term I performed with the Western Hemisphere Orchestra in a concert that featured the music of English rock band, Radiohead. Preparing for the show was just as much fun as the actual show, as I got to imitate Thom Yorke, play a vocoder, and scream along to some of my favorite hits from middle school.

San Francisco Tour (April)

As part of our annual spring tour, I joined the Western Hemisphere Orchestra (WHO) and the Western Hemisphere Voices (WHV) on a journey to the bay area. We explored San Francisco, ate amazing thai food, explored the piles of vinyls at Amoeba Records, shopped in an oversized shopping mall (Nordstroms had at least six floors), listened to Charles Lloyd, and performed twice. It was a whirlwind adventure, and fun to spend time in the city life.

Senior Recital (May)

Featuring some of my favorite female artists, I held my senior recital, Femme (French for “woman”), in May. It was great to sing onstage with my teachers and peers, performing the music that I loved. I closed the show with a song from one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Sara Bareilles. If you haven’t heard “Sweet As Whole,” yet, please plug in some headphones and listen. Pronto.

What were your favorite experiences of the last year? Comment below!

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