A Memorable Year

Academically speaking this has been a very memorable year for me. I got to conduct an experiment for a final psychology course and present my findings at the Academic Excellence Showcase. For my study I examined the potential impact that fast thinking has on positive mood, and although I didn’t support my hypothesis, I really enjoyed discussing my project with students and faculty members. Overall, I worked very hard this year to maintain a high GPA and was honored to receive the Outstanding Senior Award.

Although I mainly focused on my studies this year, I still made time to attend campus events. The annual Hawaii Club Luau was especially memorable, and I really enjoyed the food, music, and dancing. I was very impressed by how much time and effort the Hawaii Club put into this event. It was also great to attend the Spring Dance Concert and see friends of mine perform. One piece choreographed by guest artist, Lauren Edson was especially engaging, and the routine was featured in the Academic Excellence Showcase. Another unforgettable event was the Coming Out Monologues. This production included many heart-felt testimonies from students, alumni, and faculty of the LGBTQ Community. The event ended in a standing ovation, and I was very glad I had attended.

I’m grateful that I had an eventful year at WOU, where I got to share my hard work with others and enjoy campus event with fellow classmates. I’m really looking forward to graduation and many more memories to come.


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