how to beat the heat

With summer quickly approaching lots of people like myself who are not used to the hot weather look for different ways to beat the heat. I am currently spending my first summer in Monmouth Oregon and I myself am looking for ways to escape the heat since I normally spend my summers in Lincoln city which is down on the Oregon coast. Most of the time down in Lincoln city everyone feels lucky if the weather gets into the the 70’s but now im living in a climate where in the summers it gets to that temperature almost every day.
I started like many people who try to beat the heat in the summer and bought a fan. For a while during the early summer it worked well but as the weather began to get hotter the fan just seemed to be pushing hot air into my room and making it even worse. A few friends told me that ice cubes rolled up in a towel and applied to the forehead really helped them cool down on hot days. This is a really good trick and it does help me stay cool but its very limited because it only cools part of you.
Ultimately I decided that being able to develop a cross breeze in your house is the best way to stay cool because it helps you circulate air. Fans are useful for this but they only help if the air is able to circulate or else your house/room will stay hot and stuffy. Ultimately I decided to look up air conditioners on Craigslist in case the heat got to me this summer. The prices I found for a working air conditioner is normally between 60 and 80 dollars.
Eventually your body will get used to the heat and you will be able to be comfortable at even high temperatures, but until then I hope that you consider any of the following things I mentioned as ways to beat the hot days of summer. Even though I am not fully used to the heat myself I can feel myself getting more and more used to the hot temperatures. I hope the summer heat is something you will enjoy and that you adapt quickly, and i hope you have an amazing summer!

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