WOU martial arts

Western Oregon University’s new up and coming club is the martial arts club! Originally the marshal arts club was run by professor Flatt. The new president of themartial arts club is named Carter and he agreed to tell me a few things about the up and comingmartial arts club. He told me that he is not completely knowledgeable about any form of marshal arts but he knows a moderate amount about many different types ofmartial arts. He also said that the club is a great place for other people interested in martial arts to get together and share experiences and knowledge of different styles.

The martial arts club is also involved in a trip to China that is being spear headed by professor Flatt. On this trip one of the many stops will be at several dojos where the students on the trip will be able to train with the masters and students at the dojos which is an amazing honor. A trip to the great wall is also a part of the trip criteria along with many other historical sites.

The times that the club are supposed to meet in the fall are still undecided but Carter tells me that he will have some official set times by this coming fall. The martial arts club is extremely new at this point and only has around 7 or 8 members but Carter is confident that once word spreads about the club and how much fun everyone in it has that it will become very popular very fast. No experience in marshal arts is needed to join the club and its also free to anyone who wants to be in it. I myself have deiced to be a member of the club and I look forward to going to all the future meetings in the fall and furthering my experiences with self defense.

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