“I Go To W-O-U” Music Video

Western Oregon University’s Digital Production Services (DPS) has released the university’s first official music video.  The video features original lyrics composed and performed by 15 Miles West, a campus student organization and men’s acapella group.  Titled “I Go To W-O-U” the song is based on the 1982 hit “Hungry Like The Wolf” recorded by Duran Duran.

“We had a lot of fun writing and recording this song for DPS,” said 15 Miles West Club President Grant Harris.  “We started working on the lyrics when we were driving to the ICCA finals in Los Angeles in 2013.  Once we picked the song, the words just clicked.”

The video was coordinated by WOU’s Digital Media Producer Deborah Rezell.  Rezell worked with digital production student employees to get the video shot and edited over a two-year period from conception to completion.   “We began with the simple idea of creating a music video that showed WOU’s school spirit.  That meant we had to come up with a great song.  Luckily, when I approached 15 Miles West about doing the project in acapella they were on board from the start.”

In spring 2015, the singers individual tracks were recorded and mixed in WOU’s state-of-the art recording studio as part of a musical engineering course taught by WOU Assistant Professor Dirk Freymuth.  Video production with 15 Miles West began in June 2015 and finished in September with the recording of WOU’s cheerleaders and the new Wolfie.  Over the two year period, various campus events and student activities were recorded for the video.

Editing and motion graphics were done by visual communication design major Jeff Collet. “This video was a group effort, I could not have done it without my student workers and 15 Miles West.  I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish.  The video really shows how much spirit we have at WOU,” said Rezell.

The YouTube link is:  https://youtu.be/WYcpO8-D9AY