What I′m looking forward to in the coming year

This year has been an eventful one because I have finally completed my bachelor degree, and am now starting my master’s degree. All my hard work in the last four years has paid off, and I am lucky enough to be attending school with a GA position. I am so grateful!

There are several things I am excited for in the coming year:

Planning my album and recital. As a master’s student, I have to plan a recital and record an album in order to complete my degree. I have loads of ideas as to what style of music I would like to sing, and what artists I would like to cover, but coming up with a cohesive plan will take some time!

Becoming a better version of myself. My goal is to direct my time and activities to things that will make me a better musician, teacher, and person. So far I′ve been making trips to the Health and Wellness Center, eating more fruit and vegetables, and practicing lots of piano! I′m excited to become a better version of myself.

Working on the Smith Fine Arts Series. As Associate Director of the Smith Fine Arts Series, I have lots of work to do in the coming year. I’m looking forward to meeting the guest artists, working with community members, and assisting with marketing and community outreach programming. It’s sure to be a great season!

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming school year? Comment below!


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