Walk alone safely with the Companion app

Have you ever felt unsafe walking home late at night? Or felt uncomfortable walking through certain neighborhoods enroute to work or school? Maybe you’re walking home from a late night study session or from a fun night at the bar with friends.  Ever wished your friends could be walking with you? Well, now there is an app for that.

Companion is a personal safety app that allows your friends to virtually walk you home. To use the free app, you first select a route to walk. Next, you notify selected companions that you are walking, and ask them to accompany you on your route. As you walk, your friends can monitor your progress.The app can sound an alarm if it detects you straying from the designated route, or if you have fallen, and will prompt you to make sure you are ok. Once you have safely arrived at your destination, the app will alert your friends or family.

The app uses GPS to keep track of your progress, and has an option open to call 911 if the user feels unsafe. Best of all, your companions do not need the app installed on their phone to walk you home! So, keep yourself and your friends safe by installing the Companion app.


For more information on the Companion app, visit their blog or download from the app store.


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