The midterms are coming, the midterms are coming!

I am sure so many people are feeling the same way that I am here in week four. I can practically feel my midterms breathing down my neck. Whether you are a freshman preparing to take your first round of college midterms, or a senior gearing up to take one of your last rounds, it is hard to escape the anxiety. I want to make sure that you all know the resources available to you here at WOU, as well as some ways to divert your mind and take a break from studying– trust me, it is OK to take a break!

The library is FULL of resources for you to use when preparing for a midterm whether it is a test or a paper you need to write. Did you know that we have our very own subject librarians? If you need to write or simply know more about a specific subject, there are librarians specific to that topic who can help you find the exact information you need and get you pointed in the right direction. There are tutoring hours for writing, english, math and technology throughout the week. You can make appointments by visiting the library home page under Tutoring Hours. If you choose to not utilize these services, simply going to the library to study can be extremely beneficial. Sometimes a change in environment is all it takes to help you focus. If the third floor (the quiet floor) is not quiet or private enough for you, there are study rooms available for rent so that you and your friends can study and talk things out together without worrying about bothering anyone else. You can reserve a room here.

The writing center on campus is also another amazing resource that can often be overlooked sometimes. You can get one-on-one help with papers in person or online through the WOU writing center. Walk-Ins are always welcome, but when it gets close to midterm time, it is beneficial to make an appointment. If you go to the Writing Center homepage , you can get a chance to make an appointment with a tutor of your choice. Just like subject librarians, the writing center has tutors that are proficient in all different subjects. ( How awesome is that?!)

I understand that there is some preconceived fear about professor’s office hours, but I assure you that they are not as intimidating as you think! Believe it or not, your profs are sitting there just waiting for you to walk in and go over material with them. I know– its a crazy thought– but they REALLY want to help! Simply showing your professor that you are taking their class so seriously by asking them for extra help goes a long way.

As much fun as we all have cramming for tests, and writing and editing papers, it is so important to take a step back and make time for yourself! Remember to take a time out and go meet a friend for coffee, give in to your current Netflix obsession ( try to keep it down to only a few episodes… 😉 ), or even just go to the gym for an hour or two to get some exercise while taking your mind off of homework for a bit. The more you put stress on yourself the less likely you are to be thinking clearly enough to be doing your best work. Work hard, but not too hard!

Good Luck, everyone! See you on the other side.


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