The ghosts of WOU

Last Saturday, October 24 students gathered in the Werner University Center Pacific room to further set the mood for Halloween. After a short background on the history of ghosts, hauntings and the truth behind poltergeists and possessions, Ross Allison led a group of students on an actual ghost hunt taking place in WOU’s own Todd Hall as well as Campbell Hall. Between thermal imaging, compasses spinning and ping pong balls falling off tables, there were plenty of chills to be had. A night of ghost stories that answered many of the questions people had about paranormal activity, and raising even more questions once the night was through.

When it comes to hunting ghosts Ross Allison is the real deal. He has been researching ghosts for 25 years, and in 15 years his team has covered 700 cases and led 600 expeditions around the globe. With stories to tell and experiences both good and haunting he teaches Ghostology 101 at University of Washington, lecturing on what it takes to become a real life ghost hunter and has written many books on his experiences. He is the founder of AGHOST Investigations, which is the only full time ghost hunting agency in the Pacific Northwest. In recent years, Allison has thanked Hollywood for its movies about ghosts and the unknown because more cases have arisen out of it and whether it’s a day of debunking a ghost in the attic as a creaky pipe or finding an entity that is otherwise unexplained he is on the case.

To read more into Ross Allison’s investigations of the paranormal       visit:

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