Best apps for college students

In order to get the most out of your smartphone, you’ll want to download these apps to stay on top of schoolwork, keep track of notes, or backup your class projects. Best of all? All of these apps are FREE!


Evernote is like having a virtual file folder to stash links, photos, PDFs, ideas, class notes, etc.  Categorize your notes into labeled notebooks, and make them searchable by adding tags. If you can’t remember which notebook you stashed a particular note in, simply search for keywords or phrases and you’ll be able to find it easily.

Study Blue

This app is great for studying, because it allows you to create your own virtual flashcards! Simply create a stack for your upcoming test, and use your flashcards on the go on your phone!


Forget writing your to-do list over and over, using post-its, or relying on your frazzled brain to remember what is due two weeks from now. Get this app. I downloaded Wunderlist several years ago, and use it almost every single day. For someone forgetful like me, being able to easily make lists for things like groceries or assignments, this list app is unbeatable. The best part? It makes a satisfying *ding* when you check something off!


This banking tool allows you to sync with your bank account to keep track of your balances. You can create budgets for each month, track your spending, and make goals for savings. If you haven’t created a budget yet, or are always wondering how much you have in your accounts, this app is for you.

What are some of your favorite apps? Comment below!

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  1. Johannes Jacob

    Another good tool for students is Nifty ( ). A place for students to keep track of their work when collaborating in groups. It provides an overview of who’s doing what and let you share links and files from your favourite productivity tools.

    It is quiet similar to Trello, but more customized for the needs of students and for free.

    • Erin Westfall

      Sounds like a helpful app! Thanks for sharing!


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