Looking for an on-campus internship?

Looking for an on-campus job that can help you move up the ladder in your desired field of work? WOU CiP (Community Internship Program) wants to help! There are many internships being offered currently, and the process is very easy to apply.

The deadline for Winter term internship proposals is November 4th. If you cannot make the deadline, they will be accepting applications for spring term internships in January. The proposals are due by January 26, 2016.

The hiring process is simple. You submit your application, you meet with a member of the SLCD staff for an initial interview, and if they think you are fit for the job, you move on to an interview with the supervisor of the position.

The internships are $10/hr and 10 hours a week, which is perfect for a student with a full course load. It is not to much, and not to little.

These internships give you the experience in a field that you are interested in, rather than just getting a job to get a job. The knowledge you gain is invaluable. As someone who has worked an internship through WOU CiP, I highly recommend any student interested to apply.

For a list of internships available for application currently, go to your WolfLink account, and search for on campus jobs.


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