Water you talking about?

As soon as summer cools down and the leaves start turning, many people start lessening their water intake. During the heat of summer drinking water is essential, and we consume leaps and bounds more to compensate, but when the weather decreases our biological incentive to drink water lessens with it. With this being said it is just as important to drink water during the colder months, with the overall atmosphere holding less humidity, and fruits and vegetables that we consume during the summer that hold water being out of season.

It may sound simple, but the easiest way to stay hydrated is to have something that you like to drink out of and is easy to carry around. If a water bottle doesn’t look appealing, we’re more likely to leave it at home and always having it in sight and in reach helps to always keep it on our mind. Another way to handle hydration is to switch up what you’re drinking, while water is the best way to stay hydrated, tea also provides hydration as well as many antioxidants.

It is recommended that the average individual consume 11-15 glasses of water per day, that may seem like a lot, but it can be split up multiple ways, perhaps a glass or two with breakfast, in between classes and before lunch and dinner. The aforementioned tea and foods with water weight also play into this. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day can help prevent against illness, dangerous dehydration, and that pesky holiday weight gain that always seems to turn up.

So remember, during these colder months when you’re heading out the door in the morning and grabbing your coat don’t forget to grab a bottle of water as well.

If you’re looking for more information on the benefits of water and hydration click here or for more on water substitutions click here.

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