Stalking in the Media

In the age of lightening speed multimedia platforms, stalking, especially cyberstalking is becoming more present and relevant than ever before and it expands every year. An advancement of technology and mobile applications has a risk of increasing stalking, and we have to realize that stalking, in any way, shape, or form is not okay.

In honor of National Stalking Awareness Month, January 27 there was a presentation sponsored by Abby’s House as well as WOU CASA held in the WUC Willamette room. The presentation focused on what can be defined as stalking as well as how mass media romanticizes the idea. Movies are released every year, with a stereotypical man and woman, where the man is strong and needs to save the weakened woman in whatever way that may be. From Beauty and the Beast, to Twilight and everything in between, there is an evident divide between the thoughts of equality and what the media displays. It’s fun to watch movies, but be sure to focus on the underlying meaning behind the movie and realize when the message is going too far.

Media has a way of looking past stalking, for the means of “love”, but there’s a huge problem there. Love is not looking over your partners every movement, or “cyberstalking” them. A healthy relationship should be a safe place for everyone involved and at no point should you feel threatened or scared. Relationships are a place where people can be together and happy, but it should be remembered that everyone needs their personal space as well.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with an issue pertaining to stalking, feel free to visit Abby’s House, free to anyone of any gender, there are Confidential Advocates there to help. Abby’s House is located in WUC on the bottom floor in room 106 or click here.

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