Apply for WOU Scholarships now!

It’s that time of year again when students need to fill out countless applications for scholarships. Or is it? Not so with WOU’s new scholarship application system. Now it is easier than ever for WOU students to apply to over 150 scholarships by filling out a single application.

The new system centralizes the process for students for most scholarships on campus – especially donor funded scholarships.

To start the process, find your personal “dashboard” by logging into the WOU Scholarship system via the portal or via (portal log-in needed).

Once logged in, complete the general application – this does not take very long. Some tips – it requires information about volunteer work, leadership roles, work, activities, etc. It also asks for a 150 word personal statement.

Completing the general application will auto-match you to a number of scholarships – if you meet the requirements – and make you eligible for the awards.

Once you’ve completed the general application, you have the option to sort and check-out scholarships that have additional requirements. Some may require essays, uploads, references, etc.

Search scholarships at to see required specialized questions, deadlines, etc.

The application deadline for new and transfer students is 2/26, returners and graduate students is 4/15. Some scholarships have unique deadlines, so to maximize the potential number of scholarships awarded, apply as early as possible.  

For most scholarships, results will be announced during spring term.

Remember, scholarships are gifts. They don’t have to be repaid. So, take the time to gather your materials, do your prep work, and apply online here!


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