Kernsensus Review: Deadpool

What is a hero? What is an anti-hero? And what makes a good redemption story for Ryan Reynolds’ acting career? All are good questions that are answered in the Deadpool movie that is officially released as of February 12. Whether you’re a fan of comic book movies (as I am) or a romantic comedy person who doesn’t mind a backstory that happens to include Ryan Reynolds in a skintight red suit (my girlfriend who was gracious enough to go with me), this could be the right combination of film for you. The title character grazes the thin line between hero and anti-hero, and it completely turns the superhero movie genre on its head.

The film lays ground to a new type of superhero movie. In recent years we have seen multiple Batman’s in DC, Marvel has shown the Avengers and all of the spin off movies which are still going strong, and Fox’s sector of Marvel has delivered a few decent X-Men movies and a couple in which we don’t talk about. After the mess of F4ntastic Four, and Mr. Reynolds’ several attempts at placing his feet on the ground as a good comic book character they came together and made something that stuck, Deadpool. It’s something new because it’s the first big Marvel movie to receive an ‘R’ rating. It’s hardly the first comic book movie to receive the over 17, i.e. 2009’s Watchmen, 2010’s Kick-Ass as well as Marvel’s movies not connected to the current timeline Blade 1-3, but it’s new territory after the success of the Avengers at PG-13. It’s a comic book movie with an immature sense of humor targeted for adult eyes and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

No movie is perfect, but after years of waiting for a “real” Deadpool movie, it honestly didn’t take much. It’s an extremely meta-movie, much like the comic book, the Deadpool character is very aware of his surroundings and there isn’t an actor that could fit that role more perfectly. Much like how Robert Downey Jr. is now the persona of Iron Man, Ryan Reynolds is now Deadpool and it will be hard to separate them. The marketing team for the movie displayed a scheme of unmatched proportions, making videos for holidays, bilingual videos, and even videos about men and women’s health to advertise for the movie and it worked perfectly. If you have seen Green Lantern, R.I.P.D. , the other movie “Deadpool” shows up in (no, I’m still not naming it), or any other Reynold’s movie that makes you have doubts, I was with you, but it took 30 seconds of the movie to take those fears away.

It’s funny, it’s inappropriate, it’s action-packed, it has romance (even if it’s a small amount it still counts) and if that sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to go see it, and don’t be afraid to leave your mature sense of humor at the door you won’t be needing it. Deadpool receives a 9.5/10. You can view the trailer here.

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