Love Is…

The weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day can be tough for some. This includes a lot of self pity, discount chocolate purchases, and potentially staying up late watching chick flicks sobbing about the thought of another Valentine’s Day alone.

Snap out of it.

So many people think of Valentine’s Day as only a day for romantic partners, and when they are without one, use the day to be a grump. I’m here to tell you that that should never be the case.

To celebrate love, does not mean you have to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You have love of friends and family members to celebrate! Never take their love for granted. There is nothing wrong with a group of friends going out on valentines day just to enjoy each others company and be grateful for friendship, or to even send your mom some flowers ( she was your first valentine, you know).

So next year, if you find yourself single around this time of year, remember this: Just because you may be single does not mean you are alone. You are surrounded by people who care about you, and that is just as worthy of being acknowledged.

Love is a universal feeling felt on so many different levels, that there is no excuse to be mad or sad on this holiday. Call up a friend and go do something fun, surprise your roommates with valentines, go see a movie with someone you care about. CELEBRATE EACH OTHER. <3

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