Love…In College

I’m no love doctor, and I can’t give professional advice, but I am a college student like you with experiences, both good and bad when it comes to relationships. When it comes to long-term relationships in college, these are my five tips.

1.Be realistic

This is number one for a reason. You’re in college, perhaps you have a job, a full load of classes and that day you promised yourself that you would sleep in just hasn’t happened yet. It’s a busy life at a time when you’re trying to find who you are and a relationship is between two people in the same boat. It can be stressful, and it has to be remembered that your health comes first. Don’t rush into things, and make sure that both of you are happy.


This seems obvious, communication is the most important part of a relationship, but in college we live busy lives. A simple “how was your day” can mean a world of difference in a college relationship. It’s okay to disagree with each other, but talk things out, holding things in can make you resent that person and that leads to the next point.

3.Opposites Attract Remember That

An important point to remember is that you are two different individuals. You think different things, you have different opinions on subjects and you may have different friends. A relationship is not about finding someone exactly like you, it’s about finding someone that compliments you, that when you’re together ups and downs and positives and negatives can find equilibrium. I say this because from day one until however long the relationship lasts it’s a key in staying happy, remembering that you’re two different people.

4.You are you

After a while, a relationship melds together. You do everything together, you may seem to go out less, or see your friends less often and that’s both a good and bad thing. It’s good to be happy and while forming that relationship and being in love is a great and beautiful thing, it is also essential to remember where you came from. Before the relationship you were an individual person, you had thoughts which may now be mixed with theirs, but remember to take time out of life for yourself. Smell the roses, do your own thing and be yourself, a relationship should work like eggs and bacon, they can work separately, and together they work together to make a great breakfast, or in this case a relationship where two individuals form a friendship that complements each other.

5.A hobby can be detrimental

Even though a relationship is a connection between two people who can be opposites, there are most likely things that you both like, that’s why you are together. Find something that you both enjoy doing and do it weekly, anything from hiking to a Netflix binge watching session. The best thing is a hobby doesn’t have to cost anything, a walk where you both talk to each other can be the best time for both of you, that is if the Oregon weather is forgiving.

There are many more points, but each relationship is different, it takes time to get to know someone, but these are what have helped me and I hope that they can help you as well when it comes to the long-term. If you’re in college and in a long term relationship that’s not a bad thing, and if you’re not in a relationship that’s also not a bad thing, the most important thing to focus on is happiness and that begins with you.


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