Joint statement between WOU and the WOU Federation of Teachers regarding the 2015-17 contract

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A message from WOU President Rex Fuller:

The University and WOUFT are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached and the leadership of the WOUFT will be recommending ratification of the contract by its members.

Mark Perlman, president of the WOUFT said “WOUFT is elated to conclude bargaining. We are very grateful to all of the members of our bargaining team who spent so much time and effort to get us a fair contract. We are also grateful to all WOUFT members who assisted in the bargaining effort. We look forward to focusing on teaching our students.”

The contract addresses the university’s most pressing needs, which include the ability to effectively recruit new tenure-track faculty to Western and to improve the overall salaries of all faculty in relation to peer institutions. “I am pleased that we have reached an agreement through the bargaining process and that the contract will improve all faculty salaries as Western moves to have its salaries reflect market conditions,” said university President Rex Fuller.

Moving ahead, we look forward to engaging faculty, staff, students, and the community in developing a comprehensive strategic plan that will ensure Western’s continued success in meeting the state’s higher education needs.