A commentary on living with girls

Three girls and a guy sign into a lease. Is it a sitcom? A start of a joke? While both of these could potentially be the next best thing to spend my weekends watching, this is actually about my current situation. Growing up I was a single child, I had never had a roommate until after high school and even then I had only lived with guys, but last year that changed. I had the opportunity to move in with three girls and since I am never one to back down from new experiences, I thought even if worst came to worst and we didn’t get along, at least I would have a roof over my head.

There are things that as a guy you learn rather quickly living with the opposite sex. This is based off of my experiences, and while everyone is different, this is what I have learned.

If there doesn’t seem to be a problem, there may still be a problem.

Living with guys, whenever there was a predicament, for example dirty dishes, a guy would confront the other about it and it would end there, maybe a “hey, stop leaving the dishes on the counter” was in order, it’s simple and done. I’ve noticed that girls for the most part aren’t as straight forward. They would rather stare at a dirty dish and have an internal resentment grow than confront the problem. Why? I think it might be because girls tend to be more optimistic, that maybe just maybe, their roommate will for once put their things away, and I wish I had that much hope.

*Remember, just because she hasn’t brought it up to you that you left the toilet seat up that one time, don’t think you’re getting away with it. *

Decision Making

I’m a 21-year-old college male, and I have a hard time making decisions. I will stand in front of my refrigerator in the morning contemplating what I’m having for breakfast, even though I have the same thing everyday. I’ve noticed that living with girls they like to make decisions right off the bat and sometimes my decisions are made for me, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. While my natural fear of commitment to decision making stops me from doing many things, the girls I live with can make a split second decision and stick with it.

Towels, hair, and bobby pins

One of the biggest differences I noticed moving in with girls was that the person-to-towel ratio was growing exponentially. I use a towel for about three days, I look at a single towel and devote it to three days of showers, and a single hand towel that I devote to about the same amount of time. Girls typically have longer hair, and have a knack for wrapping it in a towel, so body towel, hair towel, so far we have two. Then we have the face towel, which I see as more hygienic, but I’m not sure I have the capability of adding another towel to my everyday drying needs. Three so far, and then if they take baths, they need another towel, four. I’m sure I’m missing out on some, and for those forgotten towels I am truly sorry.

Another thing I have noticed is hair, yes it happens to guys too, but the odd phenomenon I have noticed is that girls’ hair seems to multiply daily. I find it everywhere and I’m not exactly sure how.

I’ll admit that if I had longer hair and you handed me a bobby pin, I would have no idea what to do with it. I don’t know how they work and the farthest my knowledge goes with them is from movies where people use them to pick locks. My knowledge ceases, but the amount of bobby pins in the house does not, I find them all over the place.


When it comes to devoted areas, be prepared to make compromises. While I am willing to get rid of something for the good of a house, a girl is less likely to. “Sure, we could use another saucepan, just add it to the others.” Also, be ready to designate areas in the refrigerator.


It may sound like all bad things, but let me tell you it’s not, and to be honest I wouldn’t change a single second of it. It’s new, and sometimes it’s exciting, and in the end you find out that you’re not so different after all. I think one of the most important things to remember when you’re living with someone is that you’re both people. You have different ideas, and different ways of doing things, and some of your ideas will mix with theirs as theirs will inevitably mix with yours. I’ve lived with both guys and girls, and they’re both great to live with and the memories that I have formed with both cannot be replaced.

Your roommates have the capability of becoming your new family. You get to know each other, you talk more and you learn to like each other. Those embarrassing moments you have become less embarrassing, I for one believe that breakfast and Adele are very compatible, and I’m not afraid to stand in the kitchen in my PJ’s cooking and singing along. So when you’re looking for a roommate don’t be afraid to pick anyone, there will be ups and downs, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but other times, it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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  1. I totally agree with you. People need to keep in mind we are all humans. Actually, I have a really bad experience with girl roommates.I read a study that sometimes girls tend to be messier than boys. It happened to me. My roommate was the dirtiest person I’ve ever seen. It was a disaster when I tried to speak with her. Girls prefer not to speak straight about the problem. In the end, after a lof of arguments, she moved out and I needed to call a cleaning company to get rid of all the garbage and germs in the room.

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