Got any plans this summer?

How about considering a summer internship?

Believe it or not, it is time to start putting in the work to find and apply for summer internships in the area! There are many ways to find out who’s hiring, and where you should be looking.

The first place that you should look is the Western Oregon University website. From the SLCD Homepage, you can schedule a meeting with a counselor who knows more info about internships in a certain field, you can be directed to wolf link where you can input your specifications in a search engine, or you can even take an interest inventory to see which field may be best fit for you.  The SLCD is an extremely helpful resource when it comes to finding employment whether it be an on campus job, or a paid/unpaid internship.

What is even better about the SLCD is that once you find an internship that you want, they can still help you from there by aiding you in perfecting your resume, or writing the perfect cover letter. It is amazing the opportunities the university provides for us.

A website that also has proved to be extremely helpful is You type in a keyword, and a city you would wish to work in, and it pulls up all of the internships nearby. From there you are taken to whatever external website that job was posted on initially.

Another website that is super easy to use and yields tons of results for paid internships is Again, it lists the internships in your area according to your specifications, and directs you to the website that has more information for you.

Deadlines are quickly approaching, so get to searching students and good luck!


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