The Spring Break Binge Lineup

Spring Break is about being out in the sun, grabbing your flip flops and sun tan lotion and heading to the beach, but not if you’re like me. If you’re like me the house is quiet, you have no homework to do, and it’s finally time to get your binge-watching done that all that work prohibited you from doing. So from my Netflix binge-list to yours, here’s the Spring Break line-up.

House of Cards (Drama)

How long will it take? 1 day, 19 hours, 20 minutes

If you haven’t jumped on the Kevin Spacey hype train, it may be time to because that guy is everywhere. The synopsis may not intrigue you if you’re not one for shows dealing with politics, but it has become more relevant than ever. It’s a mad mad world and the Underwood duo centers themselves in the very center of it, and the lines of current politics and the shows storyline often become blurred. There’s so much more than politics involved, and the question is asked how far someone would go for their own benefit. Season four premiered on March 4.

Daredevil (Action, Crime Drama)

How long will it take? 6 hours 4 minutes

If you’re into comic book adaptations, Daredevil has quickly become one of my favorites. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as Iron Man and Captain America, Daredevil isn’t afraid to turn away from being family friendly. Centered around Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who dons the red outfit to fight crime, most of the story takes place in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.  Season two begins on March 18.

The Walking Dead (Drama, Horror, Thriller)

How long will it take? 2 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes

The Walking Dead is one of those shows that you start watching and then don’t move until the series is done. I’m not a zombie fan, but I don’t mind shows that are set in an apocalyptic setting. It’s less of a show about surviving zombies, and more of a show about human nature, and how we react in dire situations. The Walking Dead is currently in it’s sixth season on AMC.

Better Call Saul (Crime, Drama)

How long will it take? 6 hours

Breaking Bad will forever be one of my favorite television shows. The acting was incredible, the scriptwriting was top-notch, and the directing put me right in the middle of the action and while I miss it, I understand why they concluded the story. Better Call Saul has huge shoes to fill and Bob Odenkirk (who plays Jimmy, the main character) holds me over. I can’t say that I like it as much as its predecessor, but if it came down to Breaking Bad spinoffs or no spinoffs, I would take spinoffs every time. Vince Gilligan is truly a master at TV series’. Better Call Saul is currently in its second season on AMC.

Love (Awkward Comedy)

How long will it take? 6 hours, 1o minutes

If you’ve seen a Judd Apatow movie or TV show before, you know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve been a fan since Freaks and Geeks, even though I was late to that party because when it came out, I was five. Apatow knows how love works in the 21st century and Netflix’s Love is no different. It follows two individuals that don’t follow the normal story of puzzle pieces fitting together, but rather more like splatters of paint in a Jackson Pollock painting. Season one premiered in February and season two has already been green lit by Netflix for 2017.

Orange is the New Black (Dramedy)

How long will it take? 1 day, 6 hours

There are a lot of reasons to be a fan of OITNB, perhaps it’s the scriptwriting or the acting, but for me it’s that there’s now a show that has a cast full of women that isn’t about them trying to find love. It follows Piper Chapman a woman serving time for a crime committed over a decade before the story takes place, and several of the other inmates at a minimum security prison.  Orange is the New Black returns June 17 for its new season, so you still have some time if you need to catch up.

Staying in for Spring Break is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s perfectly okay to stay in and watch those shows, you made it through the term and you deserve it!





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