20th Annual WOU Drag Show

A mash of dancing, lip syncing, and looking fabulous, the WOU Drag Show put on by the Triangle Alliance is nothing less than dazzling. It was a well-choreographed show for men, women, and all those who find themselves in between. Though it is not for all audiences, the brash sex jokes and open displays of sexuality may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

This year’s drag show was the 20th annual and the theme was Pirates of the Queerabian. It portrayed the difficulties of coming out and the strain it can put on friendship while also keeping it light-hearted. The dancing was well done and the way some of the dancers worked those heels might make you feel like practicing yourself.

Though there were some things that made it a little hectic this year. The place was crowded as usual, but it was a bit overcrowded. More tickets were sold then there were seats in the auditorium. Though this just goes to show how popular this event is and it did not disappoint.

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Grace Salud dancing in the drag show
Grace Salud

“To sum it all up, the drag show was such an incredible experience all around. I met new people who I strongly connected with, I did something I never thought I could have done before (dancing), and it boosted my self-esteem by about a million. For anyone looking to try something new and to have the time of your life for four months, I definitely recommend auditioning for the WOU drag show!” – Grace Salud


Nathan/Natasha Mireles dancing in the drag show
Nathan/Natasha Mireles

“Being in a drag show is walking behind the curtain; people freely bare their rawest selves and ascend into a higher plane of being. True magic in this world exists in turning sweat, bruises, and exhaustion into an awe inspiring exhibition of talent and dedication.” – Nathan/Natasha Mireles

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