Why you should care about OrgSync

Javier Garcia

Whenever you want to find an event, join a club, or vote for student positions, you might wonder why you’re always directed to OrgSync. That’s because OrgSync is one of the most useful online resources for student life on campus. Here are some reasons why you should use OrgSync:

Whether you want to join a club, register a new organization, or find general club information, OrgSync makes it so easy. OrgSync gives you club information to find out when each club meeting time takes place and where the meetings are held. This is so useful if you’re curious about a club and want to check it out, with a description of the club included on OrgSync. If you don’t want to join a club but want to start one instead, you can also do this on OrgSync! On OrgSync’s “Organization” tab, there is a link that leads to a form that will help you register your new organization. It is very easy and helpful to use!

Looking for things to do around campus? OrgSync has a calendar stacked up with events put on by clubs and organizations. There’s updates pretty often so check the calendar more than once. The events are very organized and show where, when, and what time events are including a description of what to expect.

Forms and surveys
Once in a while, there will be some fun or interesting forms to fill out on OrgSync. It can be anything from trying to get answers for an on-campus College Feud or voting for your next student body president. Surveys are common on OrgSync for different clubs and organizations because it helps keep club meetings and events topnotch for anybody on campus.

Job opportunities
Sometimes there will be student leadership job opportunities that are posted on OrgSync. The applications for each opportunity are already embedded in OrgSync so it’s a very convenient way to get your application in quick and efficiently. WolfLink (WOU’s job and career opportunities site) is a good place to look for any opportunities that might occur on OrgSync.

To find out more about OrgSync, there is Sync Squad tabling on May 24 and 25 in the WUC from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This is to help more students understand OrgSync and its features. Plus there will be prizes for anyone who participates and interacts with OrgSync!

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