What is SOAR?

Summer Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) is a way for incoming freshman students to get a head start on integrating into Western. SOAR helps students set up their classes with help from faculty advisers and get used to the new campus. SOAR also aligns students with PLUS Team team members which can help answer their questions throughout their first year here at WOU.

When preparing for your SOAR session some things to remember:

  1. Wear comfy shoes: both you and your guests will have an opportunity to walk around campus in guided tour
  2. Make sure you look nice: Your student I.D. cards will be made during your time at SOAR and if you lose your I.D. card before school starts they are only five dollars to replace.
  3. Make sure you have something to write on/with: Taking notes during the different activities during the day is never a bad idea
  4. Be prepared for placement exams: It never hurts to be too prepared and getting some studying in to refresh after a break from school is never a bad idea. The math placement test is not offered during SOAR.
  5. Have questions prepared: This a great opportunity to ask everything you have been curious about relating to WOU and the PLUS Team as well as faculty advisors will be there to answer you.

If you want to spend your first night here on campus you can stay with your guests in overnight in one of the residents halls the night before SOAR for $30 per person with advanced reservation. This experience does not include meals, but if you are still up for a little adventure please contact University Housing at 503-838-8311 or housing@wou.edu prior to your SOAR date.

Don’t forget that you must RSVP to SOAR events though your WOU Portal, for information on how to do that check out the Frequently Asked Questions section. You are also only allowed to bring up to three guests, but the event is free to attend! If you have any further questions feel free to ask the Office of Admissions at their email wolfgram@wou.edu. If you happen to be a transfer student you will attend T-SOAR which will include most of the same activities, but will be based around being a transfer student. We look forward to seeing you there and congratulations on your acceptance!



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