WOU in the news: Prestige program engages seniors

With age comes the freedom of retirement, the joy of grandchildren and the wisdom gained from lifelong experiences. But, it can also come with the reality of memory loss, diminished strength and the inherent risk of injuries from accidents and falls. To help today’s seniors improve their overall well-being, Prestige Care has launched a new program designed to help aging adults grow cognition and physical strength, while celebrating life.

The new lifestyle program, Celebrations, was recently launched at Prestige Senior Living in Manteca.

 “We know that physical health and cognitive ability are important at any age, but they’re especially critical for seniors,” said Harold Delamarter, founding partner and CEO of Prestige Care. “We are proud to partner with experts across many facets of health and wellness to design a program that offers supportive tools for aging adults, and ultimately create an engaging senior-living experience that they can truly embrace.”

Celebrations focuses on a new wellness and life fulfillment model of assisted living designed to empower residents to be healthy and happy.
For seniors, fall prevention is a major component of health, as half of Americans 80 years and older fall each year. Through Celebrations, residents work with the community’s wellness team to assess their risk of falling and address problem areas through strength and balance classes. 

Celebrations also focuses on engaging older adults in cognitive exercises. Research shows that the brain needs to be trained just like any other muscle to develop and maintain its strength. This is especially important for adults transitioning into senior living or for those facing any number of other age-related changes, such as adjusting to a new setting or accepting less independence, which can cause a decline in mental and physical health, according to recent studies.

Fortunately, research also shows that through cognitive-stimulation programs like Celebrations, individuals can strengthen and improve certain brain regions and delay or decrease the risk of dementia. 

According to recent reports, with these programs, residents often see an improvement in concentration and the ability to make new memories in just a couple of months.

Prestige Care residents can experience this through active programming developed with Dr. Robert Winningham, professor of psychology and gerontology at Western Oregon University. The programming even includes a touch of technology through Linked Senior, a cloud-based online therapy engagement platform, where seniors can navigate challenging, yet interesting, digital curriculums that engage their minds on many levels.

“We designed Celebrations to accommodate the desires of younger generations as they enter retirement, as well,” said Hollie Fowler, senior director of product and brand development at Prestige Care. “Beyond its physical and cognitive activities, Celebrations promotes fulfilled living through a variety of wellness-focused tools and activities, creating an ideal lifestyle for adults who aren’t interested in slowing down as they age.”

Part of that wellness takes creative forms for residents who recently participated in a “Paint and Sip” event featuring wine and instructor-led group painting. Residents will also soon be able to participate in root-beer-making courses, altruistic opportunities and a speaker series celebrating past adventures – all programs designed to empower residents to achieve life fulfillment. 

Through Celebrations, residents find activities and events that allow them to engage with their peers and create new friendships, explore their creativity, share their unique talents with others, reinvigorate the spirit and relax within an active community-based setting. 

To learn more, contact Prestige Senior Living at Manteca at (209) 239-4531 or by visiting www.prestigecare.com.

Story published in the Manteca Bulletin.

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