Voter registration drive surpasses goal

The voting process is one that takes place predominately on a local level. It is a chance for everyone’s voice to be heard, and their opinions to be brought forward. In recent years the effort has reached even further to include college students by the masses. It involves getting students registered in advance, keeping them informed on the candidates running for office as well as ballot measures that pertain to them as Oregonians. With pamphlets available around college campuses, and countless events and organizations to become involved in, now more than ever the student’s voice is being heard.

WOU has the Associated Students of Western Oregon University to thank for all of their efforts in registering voters for the 2016 election. With an original goal of 350 quickly being surpassed, ASWOU had to reset their goal for 500 which was met as well with a final collected registration count of 859 new or updated registered voters. The voting registration effort included class wraps, which involved going to classrooms and passing out registration forms, clip boarding around campus, and tabling including “Unite the Vote” days of action. It was less staffed than previous years, but that didn’t impede the effort that led ASWOU to go above and beyond their goals.

The statewide effort led by the Oregon Student Association registered an estimated 49,100 voters. Final numbers are not yet in, but this estimation stays on track for OSA’s upward climb on voter registration numbers. On top of registering student voters, OSA advocates for LGBTQ rights, cultural competency, and public safety always keeping the student’s best interest in mind.

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