The Cannon Gallery of Art highlights students from the Pacific Northwest

Seek peek pictures of select pieces for the New Ventures: Student Design Exhibiton, Nov. 9th - Dec 9th, 2016

The Cannon Gallery of Art is opening its second exhibition of the year on Wednesday. The exhibition is called New Ventures: Student Design Exhibition and was originally created for the 2014 Portland AIGA Design Educators Conference. This will be the second showing of these pieces that were compiled from students all over Oregon and parts of Washington. The exhibition was created to project the ideas of ‘intersections and new ventures’ and have unique moments of the design process on display beside each piece of work. Below is a list of all the pieces in the exhibition that can been seen hanging in the Cannon Gallery from Nov. 9 through Dec. 9, 2016.

Boston Mill
Designers: Kimmy Hescock, Ryan Mason, Sara Singer, Jasmine Hart
School: Oregon State University

Designers: Adam Fyffe, Kaylyn Hill, Ethan Keen, Stacey Roten
School: Western Oregon University

CAP Civic Autonomy Project
Designer: Ryan Miller
School: Pacific Northwest College of Art

Designer Dreamscape
Designer: Peter Adels
School: The Art Institute of Portland

Designer: Mei Ratz
School: Pacific Northwest College of Art

History of Engagement PAM
Designer: Olivia Serrill
School: Portland State University

In Addition
Designers: Charlotte Hill, Angela Saylors
School: Portland State University

Designer: Lillian Kansaku
School: Oregon State University

Designer: Zak Eidsvoog
School: Oregon State University

Designers: Lillian Kansaku, Michael  McDonald
School: Oregon State University

Designer: Amy Meyer
School: Pacific Northwest College of Art