Why Attend Graduate School at WOU?

With so many options available for graduate school, the decision can take a lot of time, research, and applications. Western Oregon University is a great option for graduate school because of the affordable tuition, positive interactions between faculty and students, and the variety of programs offered. Here’s what it’s like to attend graduate school at WOU.


Western Oregon University is well known for its affordable tuition for both undergrad and graduate programs. The chart below shows tuition costs for a nine credit course load at the graduate level for multiple universities.

Resident Nonresident
Western Oregon University $3837 $6060
Oregon State University $4572 $7787
University Of Oregon $5414 $8870
Portland State University $3751 $5623
Southern Oregon University $4137 $5037
Eastern Oregon University $3424 $4193
Oregon Institute of Technology $4034 $6423

*These are all estimates and will vary depending on program, classes taken online/on-campus, etc. These numbers were pulled the website of each university

Financial Aid

As well as having a competitive tuition rate, financial aid helps the majority of students that attend WOU. 75% of students attending grad school at WOU receive financial aid.

Student-Faculty Ratio

With an average of 13 students per graduate class, students have an opportunity to make lasting connections with faculty members. This also gives all students the chance to contribute to conversation in class, ask questions, and feel that they are a part of the community. The faculty members at WOU are known for helping students advance in their professional careers.

A Variety of Programs

As well as having a variety of graduate programs for future educators, WOU also has programs for future counselors, future musicians and more. There’s a little something for every interest. (Possibly link to other 2 graduate program stories I’ve done?)

Online Programs

A number of WOU’s graduate programs can be completed mostly online with minimal time spent on campus. Online programs give flexibility and convenience to work from anywhere. Programs that are offered online include M.A. in Criminal Justice, M.A. Interpreting Studies, M.A. Teaching, and M.S. in Ed Information Technology.

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