Dual-enrollment at WOU and Chemeketa: is it for you?

Chemeketa community college has a lot to offer dual-enrolled students.

Is it possible to take classes at more than one college? Indeed! If you’re like many WOU students, you might be curious about what dual-enrollment is all about.

You can choose to dual-enroll at both WOU and Chemeketa Community College. For many students, this can be a great way to help save money and get all the classes they need to finish their degrees. But is it the right option for you? Here’s how dual-enrollment works and how you can decide if it’s a good idea.

Why You Might Dual-Enroll

There’s a lot of reasons why you might choose to dual-enroll at WOU and Chemeketa.

With two schools to choose from, there’s also more classes to pick. If you’re having a hard time getting into a required class on one campus, you might be able to find it on the other.

A lot of students find that it’s easier to set up a more flexible schedule this way. Instead of building your entire week around, say, a biology class that’s only taught at 7pm, you can pick and choose better time slots from WOU and Chemeketa.

Chemeketa also has multiple campuses, making it even easier to find classes that work for your schedule and your transportation options.

It’s often a great way to save money too. You can easily take most of your lower-division classes at Chemeketa, where it might be cheaper, while saving your upper-division stuff for WOU. And the best part is, you can even share financial aid between both WOU and Chemeketa.

You’ll have access to advising and other resources on both campuses. Really, it’s the best of both worlds.

Add in the fact that your credits will automatically transfer between both campuses every semester and you’re looking at potentially finishing your degree in less time than it might take you with staying on one campus.

And if you’re fresh out of high school or still new to the university scene, dual-enrollment can actually be a great way to familiarize yourself with the university atmosphere in a low pressure setting.

It’s even possible to dual-enroll at WOU for a term or two without graduating from WOU. You may choose to do this if WOU offers a class or program that you’re having trouble accessing at Chemeketa. Just make sure that you meet WOU admissions requirements.

After all, only 100 and 200 level classes are available at Chemeketa. For more advanced courses you’ll want to stick with WOU.

But It’s Not For Everyone

There’s times when dual-enrolling might not work for every student.

Commuting between two campuses isn’t always easy if you have limited transportation. Even if you own a car, it can be rough to drive between Monmouth and Salem every week. And if you don’t own a car, it takes extra coordination to figure out the bus system.

Add in a job or other responsibilities, like volunteering or sports, and it can get hectic.

NCAA students will also want to be careful as well. It may affect your eligibility to stay within NCAA program guidelines. We always recommend talking to your guidance counselor in order to figure out whether it’s the best decision for your personal situation.

Making Dual-Enrollment Work For You

But if you are interested in dual-enrolling at WOU and Chemeketa, it’s still worth thinking about how you can make it work.

Online classes are always a possibility. You might consider taking a few online classes at Chemeketa while taking upper division classes in person over at WOU or vice versa. Just be sure you’re taking time out of your week to get all of your homework done. Even if you’re not attending classes in person you’ll still need to treat them as seriously as a physical class.

You may also want to consider reserving some days of the week for Chemeketa classes and other days for WOU. That way you’re not commuting between Salem and Monmouth every single day. If you have all of your WOU classes on one day, you’ll only have to worry about making it onto one campus.

While tempting to stick with under 12-14 credits for a manageable course load, in general you’ll want to make sure you’re taking on at least 15. This will help you collect as many credits as possible. Just be sure to practice good time management to make sure you’re getting all your homework and other responsibilities taken care of.

If dual-enrollment is something you’re thinking about, you can find out more over at Chemeketa’s site or here at WOU.


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