Graduate programs for non-educators

Graduate programs at WOU aren’t only for students wanting to pursue a career in the education field. There are graduate programs in other fields such as criminal justice, interpreting studies, and more! These ones aren’t quite as complicated to sift through. Rather, they are based more on career goals and interests.

Remember to complete the WOU Graduate Program requirements as well as the individual program requirements. In most cases, this includes a WOU application for graduate admission, official transcripts, an application fee, and MAT or GRE scores. Be sure to check with your individual program for specific application requirements.

Graduate programs you can choose from

M.A. Criminal Justice: The criminal justice graduate program requires a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or social science. This program takes a minimum of 4 terms. A master’s degree in criminal justice can lead to management roles in the criminal justice field, teaching community college, and more.

M.A. Interpreting Studies: To get accepted into the interpreting program, students must have a bachelor’s degree and experience with interpreting. It is an 18-month program that starts once every 2 years. The next program will start in the summer of 2018. This program is for students who want to teach college, complete research on interpreting, and receive mentoring and instruction on interpreting.

M.M. Contemporary Music: Getting into this program takes a bachelor’s degree in music. It takes two years to complete. It can lead to a variety of careers in music as well as doctoral music programs.

M.S. Management & Information Systems: Admittance in this program requires a bachelor’s degree, certain undergraduate courses, and knowledge of programming language. This is a two-year program. It can be finished in as little as four terms. This degree can lead to business management, business analyst, teaching college, or advancement in current IT career.

M.S. Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling: This program requires a bachelor’s degree and two years of working experience is preferred. It will take two years to complete and you can work in a variety of positions. Participants in this program can choose from three tracks: Rehabilitation Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling for the Deaf, and Mental Health Counseling. 

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