You made 2017 Giving Day a huge success

We set a goal of 161 donors for our Giving Day (in honor of WOU’s 161 years) and you amazed us with your support! You rallied and we had 223 donors contribute more than $20,000 to support students and programs. Donations were made from at least 16 different states from New York to Hawaii.

“I want to thank all the students, alumni and friends of Western Oregon University who participated in Giving Day. Together we provided opportunity, financial flexibility and support for so many Western students,” said Emily Swart, Annual Fund director. “A special thanks to the staff and faculty at Western who really embraced the day. You were instrumental its success. March 7, 2017 was a proud day here at WOU. Together we invested in in our future and made an impact! Go Wolves!”
Donors make an enormous impact on scholarships, which directly benefits WOU students. One such student is Tami Martin (Montemayor). “Before I returned to school, I raised my family working as a waitress. I worked 20 years in a field where I never received paid time off, health insurance, or retirement benefits. I returned to my community college with a plan to obtain my associates degree. My last child was born affected by Down’s Syndrome and I really needed work which allowed me paid time off. This way, my house would remain stable while I could focus on his therapies and doctor appointments. It is because of my Project PIECE scholarship that my pathway has changed. I am now in the Summer 2017 cohort of Early Childhood Education. I will be a teacher in one year. All this is because of the scholarships which you have extended to me.”

In addition to the online promotion for Giving Day, the Annual Fund held a class competition for students in Werner University Center where they could donate to a jar for their class. The goal was to help students learn the importance of giving. Haley Morris ’18, student supervisor of WOU Phonathon, addressed this, “It’s important for students to donate because they are actively contributing to and supporting the opportunity for themselves, their classmates, and future students of WOU to receive a quality education at an affordable price. Any money that is raised goes directly back into students’ own pockets in the form of student scholarships and university development and benefits thousands of hardworking, high-achieving students every year. Giving Day donations are vital to WOU’s growth and success.”

Guess who ended up winning the class competition? Freshmen!

If you missed your chance to participate in Giving Day or find yourself still in the giving mood, you can easily make a donation online.