What you may not know about WOU Portal

We all know how important the WOU Portal is to stay updated on all things school-related. But how much do you know about the different features on Portal?

Starting with the basics, you can access your email, ASTRA Schedule, WolfWeb, Moodle, OrgSync, Library, Wolf Connection System, My Financial Aid, Writing Center Appointments, Wolf Link, and WOU Alert just from the top bar icons. They’ll send you to a new tab for that website already logged in to your school username.

Move Icon
Move Icon

On the page itself, there are different channels such as “My Programs” and “Print Credits,” but did you know that you can add more channels? There’s a channel that shows your advisor and their contact information,  a channel that links you to Google Maps, one for wouTV, a dictionary tool, and more. There’s even a channel called “My Links” that allows you to add the links to any site that you may have trouble remembering the name to or you just want to access faster. It’s very similar to when you bookmark a page on a specific device, but since Portal is through the internet, you can access the site anywhere! Did I mention that you can also organize these channels however you want? All you have to do is hover over the red bar until you see a move icon and then move that channel around the page to your liking.

A huge feature of Portal that may surprise you is the all-student email opt-in. Ever wonder why you might not get the same email that a fellow student Portal Screen Shot: Email Prefsgot? By default, you don’t get student emails. Of course, there are emails that you will always get such as ones from the President’s office, the Registrar’s office, and individual emails, but other big student emails may not be delivered to you because it isn’t the default setting in Portal. If now you feel like you want to change those settings so that you do receive those emails, there’s definitely a way! If you click on your name in Portal, which is the same area that you go to log out, there’s a link that says “Email Prefs.”

Portal Email Opt-In screenshot of the page
All Student email preferences

On that page, there are two sets of checkboxes for every category. The categories are “Portal Quicklink” and “Deliver to Inbox.” Checking a box in the “Portal Quicklink” category makes it so that there’s a menu option in your portal that allows you to go back and look at all the emails that have been sent for that category. You wouldn’t get a copy of them in your inbox, but you could look at them on your own through Portal. If you check a box in the “Deliver to Inbox” category, the emails from the group you selected will be delivered directly to your inbox from here on out.

A very important feature that everyone should utilize is WOUAlert. There is so much stuff going on around us that we can see in the news. But if something were to happen that affects our campus and the Monmouth area, WOUAlert can notify each student directly and help them find safety. All you have to do is click on the red icon with the exclamation point in the upper right-hand corner of Portal. Make sure your contact information is updated and accurate. It is very important to include a phone number so that you can be reached in case of an emergency.

The faculty and staff behind Portal are always looking for more ways to improve Portal, so if you have a suggestion that would cause you to use Portal more frequently (such as another feature or channel), please contact Michael Ellis at ellism@wou.edu.

We hope you learned something new about Portal and that it’s easier to navigate your future Portal encounters!

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