Choosing a meal plan at WOU

Choosing which meal plan to get can be a difficult decision. There are so many choices, and it can be hard to predict how much you will spend on food per term. For example, the average cost of a meal at Valsetz is about $3.

What meal plan should I choose?

All on-campus freshmen are required to select a meal plan. There are five different options to choose from, and there is a pretty significant difference from the least amount to the greatest. 

This can help you determine approximately how much you think you may spend per term. Don’t forget that meals in the Wolf Grill and the Western Deli are going to cost a bit more. If you stop by Cafe Allegro or The Press for the occasional coffee that will make those dollars disappear faster.

The chart below shows each plan that is offered, broken down by how much you will receive per term.                     

Annual Fall Winter Spring
Meal plan 1 $675 $225 $225 $225
Meal plan 2 $1050 $350 $350 $350
Meal plan 3 $1350 $450 $450 $450
Meal plan 4 $1650 $550 $550 $550
Meal plan 5 $360 $120 $120 $120

Use this chart to help you when deciding what plan to get. A basic overview of each plan can also be found here. This will tell you how much you can spend not only per week but also per day. 

WOU has created a week-by-week tracker for the approximate amount you should be at per week. This chart can also be used throughout the year to make sure you are staying on track to make your money last throughout the term.

Meal plan 2 is the most common meal plan for incoming students. 45% of residents select this plan.

Can I change my meal plan?

If you are getting close to the end of the term and you realize that you are running short on money or have too much left over, you can change your meal plan! You don’t have to stay with the first plan you chose all year.

To request a change, a written request must be submitted to the University Housing office before the beginning of the next term. If you put in a request after the term has begun, your meal plan cannot be changed. You should base your choice off of your personal eating habits.

What if I have leftover money?

If there is leftover money at the end of a term, it will roll over from term to term until the next academic year. This means that fall will roll over to winter. Winter will roll over to spring, but spring will NOT roll over to the upcoming fall. Summer is not included.   

If you have any further questions or comments about the meal plan, you can email

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