Spots to Take Cap and Gown Photos Around Campus

Commencement is here!

With the whirlwind that is Commencement, it’s easy to forget good places where you can get some pictures in your cap and gown. Don’t worry, we’ve got some good ideas for you. Here is a map around campus that will show you where all of these pictures were taken. You can get pictures here before, during, and after Commencement – anytime, really.

Here are some ideas:

1) WOU sidewalk

Any of our sidewalks would be a really great opportunity to get a group photo with some lush greenery. There might not be a WOU icon near every foot of the sidewalk, but it’s still a great set up for a portrait photo.







2) The sign in campus Old Grove

The old grove between the HSS and the Natural Science building is a nice shady place with a few benches and bushes for a more relaxed photo opportunity. For those who are nature oriented, getting a picture next to the sign with a few friends from your classes would be a great piece for sentimentality.




3) Alma and Mario Pastega Memorial

Just behind the Cottage and Todd Hall is this Memorial for Alma & Mario Pastega. This is a beautiful place for a large group photo, or whatever you feel like. There is also a tree opposite of this that offers great shade. Let your imagination shine with this photo-op-rich place!







4) Benches behind the WUC

If you walk down the hill behind the WUC, there are multiple cement benches, rose bushes, and short trees that are a great place to get creative with your friends and family. This would be a great area for more formal poses as well as getting silly to capture the excitement of graduation!



5) M.A.S.H. pole

We have students come from all reaches of the globe. We have students travel to all reaches of the globe. And we have dreamers who plan to go to all these places. It doesn’t matter if you are an International student far from home or a dreamer who wants to see these far away places; the M.A.S.H. pole is a wonderful place to capture some smiles and dreams in an image.







6) WOU South Gate Entrance

Any and all of WOU’s entrance gates are a great place to commemorate your time here. There are these displays at both the North and South ends of Monmouth Ave. The one pictured here is in front of the Natural Science building. There is also other gate signs next to Rice Auditorium, the corner of Jackson St. & Warren St., and two at the north entrance to campus on each side of Monmouth Ave.



7) Just a bench

We’ve all seen this bench, it’s right in between the ITC and Admin. It’s a beautiful place to snap a photo. The low hanging tree offers nice shade and beautiful green for any image.







8) Earth Bench

The Earth Bench was constructed over spring 2017 and is made up of recycled materials, including bottle bricks. Bottle bricks are plastic bottles that are jam-packed with inorganic trash, like candy wrappers, until they become compressed like bricks. The bench stands in the middle of The Grove, in front of Ackerman Hall.





If you happen to find a spot while walking around campus that’s a great photo op, tag us on Instagram to share with other graduates. #wougrad #howlaboutit 

Find your pictures destinations easy with this handy dandy map!

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