One night only – “Blindside”

Stephanie Morin-Roberts posing for a picture with her left eye closed

The Incidental Fees Committee does a large variety of things around campus including bringing in a guest artist once a year. This year they have brought in the magnificent Stephanie Morin-Robert to perform her show Blindside. Due to a type cancer called retinoblastoma, she lost her left eye when she was only two years of age, but this never slowed her down. Morin-Robert turned her disability into a tool to share her experiences and create a connection through comedy and creating a platform that allows discussion in a safe space.

Growing up, Morin-Robert finally found a way to face bullies head on using her disability as her superpower and found the power to fight back. With a little help from her cat and a pair of sunglasses, she became unstoppable. She now continues to use that superpower to make people laugh and share her life. Morin-Robert graduated with a degree in performing and contemporary dance that allowed her to step into the world of theatre and dance, traveling in performances all over Canada.

This comedy show has traveled all over, filling seats and making audiences laugh. The performance will incorporate all of Morin-Robert’s charm though a combination of video projection, contemporary dance, and storytelling. Though if you are squeamish when it comes to eyes this may not be the show for you because it is an integral part of the show. Catch this seat-filling event Wednesday, Oct. 4 at 7:30 p.m. in Rice Auditorium. It is free and tickets will be available at Rice Auditorium Box Office.