ONE: A Spring Dance Concert Piece

The American Flag with some flowers
Girl in jean shirt smiling
Tunya Dhevahpalin

As a human, every day can bring up a different experience, but deciding on the voice in their narrative is up to the individual. ONE, a piece by student choreographer Tunya Dhevahpalin, is undertaking the issue between how we feel and the way people perceive us. Though a lot has changed, a lot more still needs to be done to stand together as one. Dhevahpalin hopes that during this year’s Spring Dance Concert, her piece can be seen by many that can take away the message of the piece and hold on to it.

Though making this piece, Dhevahpalin learned that the clear picture that she had in her head didn’t always translate into her dancer’s movements. “Sometimes what makes sense to me as the choreographer doesn’t make sense to other people like I thought it would,” Dhevahpalin stated. Sometimes taking a step back and watching your dancers can tell you what is missing. Dhevahpalin reflected back to what was taught in her composition classes, “You can make great work, you can be completely in love with that work, but sometimes that great work isn’t for this work.” You need flexibility in artwork you do, starting over or saving things for a later time can become essential.

A selfie in a mirror of a group of five people waving
The choreographer and dancers for the piece “ONE”

Being a senior, doesn’t always mean you have a plan, but this isn’t the case for Dhevahpalin. After graduation, Dhevahpalin wishes to continue her education here at WOU by obtaining a Master of Arts in Teaching. This doesn’t mean that she will give up dancing. Dhevahpalin stated, “I would love to dance with a company that goes on tour and be able to make a living dancing everyday while my body can still support me.” Even if Dhevahpalin can’t always dance, she still loves going to see performances. One day Dhevahpalin would love to see Bandaloop perform live with their breathtaking dances that utilizes the vertical plane, performing on the sides of buildings and mountains.

Catch this year’s Spring Dance Concert
Tickets at Western Oregon Box Office in Rice Auditorium or at 503-838-8462
May 10, 11, or 12 at 7:30 p.m. in Rice Auditorium
$8 students | $14 general | $10 seniors and WOU employees