Extramural vs. Intramural vs. Club Sports

Here at WOU, there are many different options to play sports on campus.
– Renting equipment from HWC
– Join a Club / Create a Club
– Join an Intramural / Create an Intramural
There is a difference between Clubs, Intramurals, and Extramurals, and those differences aren’t always clear. Hopefully this post will clear some of the misconceptions of these recreational groups.


Intramural teams are a student and staff created team that will compete against other WOU teams. Depending on the sport, teams will either be co-rec (i.e., all genders on a team) or gendered. These teams are fairly relaxed and recreational, but the winning Captain of the Basketball team can create another team to compete as WOU’s Extramural representative
Following the link in the heading, you will be able to see the currently open Intramural sport leagues. Some tournaments need teams, some teams need players. The schedule of games is also through the same link. If you would like to start your own Intramural team, select the sport you want to play and follow instructions from there to “Create Team”.


According to Andy Main, the Director of Intramural and Club Sports, “WOU Club sport teams are typically part of a league or conference, many have paid coaches and regular practice times. Some also receive funding from IFC to cover basic expenses. So club sports are very similar to varsity athletics.” If you follow this link you can see the schedules for Club sports thus far.

Tier 1 –

Players develop athletic ability in competitive play. A Club Sport in Tier 1 regularly participate in scheduled practices, may employ part-time coaches and compete against other schools across Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and the nation.

Tier 2 –

Teams play with a more leisure and recreational mindset and may or may not compete against other schools


Extramural teams at WOU are non-school all-star teams that are put together to compete in regional tournaments against other school’s extramural teams. Andy Main calls them the “All-star Intramural teams” that will go and compete in regional competitions.
Currently the only team that will go to other schools and compete is a team created by the Captain of the winning Intramural Fall Basketball Tournament team.
There are other sports that also have regional competitions, but often times WOU does not have the participants or the funding to send more than the most popular Intramural sport, Basketball. Tennis and Flag Football are others Andy lisited, but in order for these to compete there would need to be stronger participation for these teams. If there is a serious team who would like to compete at other schools, contact Andy Main ( maina@wou.edu ) to schedule a meeting to map out options and fundraising options.

You Have Options:

Regardless where or how you want to play some great games, you have a lot of options! Joining a club, making a club, joining intramurals, or going to HWC for all they offer, is just a short list of all the different ways to get moving here on campus.