Decorating Your Dorm

decorating your dorm takes two
You’re in your dorm, fresh and ready for the year that’s coming. But there’s something missing from the room. The dorm is bland, grey, and you’ve got to figure out exactly how to live with your new roommate while bringing some pizzaz to your dorm. So, why not hit two birds with one stone and work on decorating your room together?

Step 1: Think about themes

What are your favorite colors? What are your dorm mate’s favorite colors? What you can do is decide if you want to make your entire room fit along a theme with these colors or create two opposing sides to your dorm with your contrasting themes. It’s important to remember that you need to keep things simple enough to easily move at the end of the year. If there is something your not sure would be functional or appropriate don’t be afraid to ask your RA for their advice.

tennis ball decor for decorating your dormStep 2: Think about your budget

Are you paying out of pocket? Do you have financial support to help renovate your dorm?
Consider what your budget is going to be for decorating, and what kinds of new things you’re going to buy. Did you bring your favorite blanket from home, or do you want to buy a whole new bed set? A bed set can be a large part of a dorm’s decoration, but can also cost a chunk of change.

Step 3: How much time do you have to create?

Do you have time before the term starts to create some crafts? What other things do you have to schedule around? What times can you and your dorm mate meet and sit down for a few hours?
DIY crafts and decorations are a great way to  bond and work on something fun together! There are so many DIY projects from Pinterest to Nifty videos. DIY projects even come from every other corner of the internet. Spend some time researching together to see what you both want.

Step 4: Browse through ideas

The Internet is your best friend for browsing ideas, but is can be very easy to find way too many ideas. Here is a Pintrest board with a few pieces of inspiration: Click Here. Another good idea to find inspiration is to simple walk through the isles at stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s – or even places like Ross or Walmart.
Anything can be inspiration, your favorite color, your cat, your dog, your favorite food, your choice sports team. Anything and everything you can take inspiration from. If you really enjoy hotdogs, maybe you can theme your entire room around the colors red, yellow, orange, and green (ketchup / hot dog, mustard, buns, relish).
flower pot decor for decorating your dorm
Find something you really love, and some colors you also enjoy, and just run with it. If you’re passionate about it, in the end your decorations will be wonderful.

Crafter Be Warned!

Whatever you decided to do decorating your dorm, make sure to not spend to much time or money on it to burn yourself out. Not everything will turn out perfectly, so try to find a little love in the imperfections. Buying new decor and crafting all afternoon can absolutely be great, especially if you’re in need of some quality time. Just be cautious in making sure whatever it is you do, you are doing to make you happy. That’s what matters the most.