Grad Profile: Ashley Chambers

We chatted with Ashley Chambers, a first-generation Early Childhood Education major from Grants Pass (who’s also earning an English Speakers of Other Languages/Bilingual endorsement). Along with sharing her experiences as a Hamersly Library employee, we talked all about her grad school plans, her favorite spots on campus, and the time she accidentally walked into a graduate-level class. Gracias, Ashley, y buena suerte!

Why did you choose WOU?
I chose WOU for the small class sizes which allow me to have better communication with my professors and peers. I also chose WOU because of their teacher education program.

What do you love most about WOU?
The thing I love most about WOU is the various supports around campus to ensure student success. Some supports I have used personally are the health and wellness center services, the writing center, the food bank, the Student Enrichment Program, and the ILL/Summit book borrowing system in the library just to name a few.

What do you love most about the major/minors you completed?
The thing I love most about my major in Early Childhood/Elementary Education is that I have had the opportunity to learn from professors who are former educators and who are extremely passionate about the profession. I hope to take their enthusiasm and replicate it in my own classroom to make learning a fun and positive experience for all students.

Outside of the classroom, what are you involved in on campus?
I have worked at the Hamersly library for the past four years at both the checkout desk and in ILL/Summit shipping and receiving in the back of the library. Last year I participated in Conversation Partners in where I got to make lots of new friends.

What has been your biggest achievement, success or accomplishment in college?
My biggest achievement in college has been completing my year of student teaching while teaching the majority of the time in Spanish which is my second language. It has been challenging but extremely rewarding and I have extreme respect for anyone who has wakes up each day in performs in any language that is not their first language.

Has there been a class or professor that has been particularly inspiring to you?
The classes I have enjoyed the most at Western have been the classes I have taken for teaching English as a second language. I think all of these classes should be mandatory for all teachers because these classes are full of great information for being inclusive of all students in the classroom and these classes promote viewing all languages and cultures as assets in a community as well as in academics.

What will you miss most about college?
The thing I will miss most about college is the almost unlimited access to good books through the ILL/Summit borrowing system at the library.

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation I am moving to Atlanta, GA to teach 3rd grade.

What advice do you have for current and future Wolves?
When it comes to your career, don’t be afraid to take daring leaps towards fulfilling your dreams. With the right amount of planning and strategy you are likely to be successful. You may get your success instantly but you’ll get there in your own time.

What do you know now that you wish you knew your first term in college?
I wish I knew that I could borrow my books for free through the library and that I could have saved hundreds of dollars.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?
My favorite spot on campus is the third floor of the Hamersly library where I did most of my studying the past five years. I especially like this place when it’s raining and you can hear it through the ceiling.

Did you have any funny mishaps or moments of confusion when you first started at WOU?
For my very first class I attempted to attend at WOU I walked into the completely wrong building and sat down in a master’s class. I stayed long enough to find out I was definitely not on the attendance list and that everyone in the class knew each other extremely well except me.

What’s the most important lesson you learned about yourself wile in college?
In college the most important lesson I have learned about myself is that you can’t care about what other people think. If you have a dream and people think it’s impossible or ridiculous. You can’t listen to those people because to you that dream is real and only you can see the whole picture. Also, while pursuing your dream, don’t let people’s negative thoughts/comments take up space in your brain because on the journey to success you don’t have the time or space for that.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation I will be moving to Atlanta, GA to teach in my first classroom with a 3rd grade class. After teaching for a few years, I hope to start my master’s degree in speech and language pathology.