Grad Profile: Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia

First-generation student Javier Garcia, from Newberg, plans to work in sports marketing now that he’s completed his bachelor’s in Business with a minor in Sports Leadership.

Javier GarciaWhy did you choose WOU?
I lost my little brother in a car accident during my senior year of high school. I really didn’t think about college after that but Upward Bound a TRIO program the directors Greg and Chris as well the tutors pushed me still to apply to college even though my head wasn’t there. Western was one the schools I heard back and the only in state I applied. I was looking to go out of the state but when I lost my brother I decided to stay in state for that reason. Patrick Moser helped me a lot in Upward Bound and I knew I could get a lot of help as well here and it was still far enough away from home to get my space but as well close to go back whenever.

What do you love most about WOU?
The community here we have, I believe here at WOU you can find your family away from home also grow as a person and do what you would like to do and try. I was a super shy and not involved at all in high school but at WOU I was able to change that and grow.

What do you love most about the major/minors/degree you completed?
The professors and staff how help full they are here on campus and how much they want you to succeed. Also I love how small the classes are. My high school teachers try to scare my about college but it has been a whole different experience.

Outside of campus, what have you been involved in?
Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc., Ambassadors, PLUS Team, Student Activities Board director, Student Conduct Committee, WOU Athletics, SEP, MCR, MSU, Drag Show, Dallas assistant Coach, and Alternative Break.

Also, Homecoming Court, Good Neighbor Award Independence Oregon, Service of the Year with Omega Delta Phi, 3rd place Oregon State Stroll competition, and Greek Week Champions.

What has been your biggest achievement, success or accomplishment in college?
It will be walking across the stage I worked hard these last five years and I made a promise to my brother after he passed away I would graduate college for him. College is a once in a lifetime experience and no one can take that away from me all of these memories and experience. 

Has there been a class or professor that has been particularly inspiring to you?
Mrs. Mahony always was always straight up as well honest and helpful I was scared of her but once you get to know her she is so amazing and helpful. I hated accounting classes but once I took a class with her I actually did like it. She always told me she would always get me to change my focus to accounting and she almost got me to switch. In all she has been an amazing professor and get life advisor as well.

What will you miss most about college?
The experience and memories I made here at WOU it all as been amazing through the ups and downs I had here. I wouldn’t even change a thing I believe everything happens for a reason.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Start working. I am applying all over trying to get my foot in the door with marketing, mainly in sports marketing.

What advice do you have for current and future Wolves?
Don’t be afraid to try new things in college. It is a place to grow and learn about yourself.

What do you know now that you wish you knew your first term in college?
All the things Western has to offer as well to try new things.

Did you have any funny mishaps or moments of confusion when you first started at WOU?
My freshman year on move in day my whole hall got written up because we were super loud and having a lot a fun.

What’s the most important lesson you learned about yourself while in college?
How I have grown as a person and what I have learned about myself.