In memoriam


Lenora J. Bond



Irene (Gerold) Hake

Lafona Jensen

Mardene G. Keveren

Eugene O. Owens

Betty A. Reeves

Helen Richard

Arlene Jensen Ross

Raymond A. Scofield

LaVerne A. Streight

Harry F. Sievers

Ella M. Swanson



Elizabeth Bachman

Jack L. Gorman

Ronald G. Miller

Rudy H. Sonnen



James R. Ammon

Virginia L. Deloretto

Ivan R. Imig

Eugene M. Mason

Nina M. Nelson

R. Alice Olsen

Cheryl L. Palmer



Matthew C. Daily

Mike L. Hatcher

Audrey J. Mann

Nancy McMorris

Donald H. Meikle

Ann Scott

Mary J. Sorenson



Dawn M. Bishop


Friends of WOU

Dr. Klement Hambourg, former music professor, 1969–1982

Dr. Bob Hautala, retired professor of health and exercise science.
A scholarship in his name is being created.

Dr. Merle Ann Kelley, emeritus faculty. She taught psychology from 1970-2000. A fund in her name is being created for students in psychology.

Mollie Loving, retired office support, 1979–2012

Alfred “Fred” Maurice, WOU benefactor and former visiting faculty. He created the Maurice Prize, a challenge for undergraduates who complete a year-long project in a quest for the $5,000 prize.

James W. Smith, long-time benefactor. The Jim and Jean Smith Scholarship was created in 1998 and will be awarded annually.


Beverly Herrin ’77, daughter of former Registrar and Dean Jack Morton. Herrin was instrumental in the recent fundraising effort to name the lobby of the new Welcome Center after her father.


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