Weekly 5: Hamersly Library

Outside of Hamersly Library, a brick building, with trees framing the image

Five things to know about the Hamersly Library

  1. It’s a friendly and supportive place for students, faculty and staff members to receive assistance from librarians who are passionate about their work and serving students. With art to historic displays, the Hamersly Library also is a good place to go for inspiration. Pick a floor and wander around looking at artwork to historical collections.
  2. If Hamersly doesn’t have the books or materials you are searching for, often staff members can find it at another Northwest library and have it to you within three days.  They can also seek it out from national and international libraries!
  3. The library is an amazing place for students to study in a variety of atmospheres, from the third floor’s Quiet Zone (you did know there’s a third floor, right?) to the socially vibrant Learning Commons near The Press Café. Students can reserve study rooms, use computers &/printers, and more.
  4. Students can check out lots of equipment, including DSLR cameras, camcorders, tripods, and photography backdrops, as well as headphones, microphones, graphing calculators, and light therapy lamps.
  5. Start your search for materials for your research paper by talking to a librarian. Too often students spend hours looking for items when a librarian can find it for them in 15 to 20 minutes.


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