WOU Welcomes Family and Friends

People sitting around the table enjoying a meal with Wolfie.
Two people celebrating WOU Family Weekend.
McKenzie Wolfe-Webb and her mom, Teresa Wolfe, have participated in activities at WOU Family Weekend the past two years.

There are the many reasons Western Oregon University students Hailey Silberfarb and McKenzie Wolfe-Webb are eager to have their families visit during WOU Family Weekend later this month

Two people celebrating WOU Family Weekend
Students enjoy spending time with their family during WOU Family Weekend.

“Family weekend is filled with entertainment while also having much-needed breaks that allow your parents to help stock your fridge,” junior Wolfe-Webb said. “It’s nice to have other options like vegetables, instead of the mac and cheese I usually live off of.”

A first-year student, Silberfarb is looking forward to showing her family what her life is like at Western Oregon University when they visit on Jan. 24-26.

“I’m an out-of-state student so I didn’t get to see my family for the entire fall term until I went home for winter break,” Silberfarb said. “For my family to come here makes me feel a little less homesick.”

Kelly Welch, Student Engagement organizations and activities coordinator, said WOU Family Weekend is a fun opportunity for students to meet their friends’ families and share with their family their favorite places and things to do on WOU’s campus and in the community.

“WOU Family Weekend is a special event because we’re sharing the WOU community with parents and families ­­-people who have a special place and role in our student’s lives and identities,” Welch said. “Family Weekend can be a great time for students to reconnect with their families after the holidays and for students to introduce their family to what their life at WOU is like.”

Welch said the weekend is packed with various activities including a cornhole tournament, dessert and dinner, Sunday brunch, discounted tickets to the men’s and women’s basketball games, an excursion to Eola Hills Winery and more. There are two nights of entertainment, starting with Battle of the Generations Trivia Night on Friday with cash prizes, and comedian and magician Jonathan Burns on Saturday night.

Wolfe-Webb, a junior, said winter term can be incredibly difficult to motivate herself to go to class, especially after going home for winter break.

“Family Weekend is a great way to get some quality family time towards the middle of the term. It helps you get through the slump and keep working hard for your grades,” she said.

Wolfe-Webb and her mom, Teresa Wolfe, have participated in the cornhole tournament the past two years.

Family celebrating WOU Family Weekend.
The traditional Sunday brunch is a great way to celebrate time spent with families during WOU Family Weekend.

“My mom and I always enjoy the cornhole tournament,” she said. “We’re terrible at the game, but my mom always pulls matching shirts out of our closets, and we get a picture before royally losing.”

Welch encourages WOU students to invite their families and friends to WOU Family Weekend.

“Parents, family members and family friends play a vital role in student’s success, and we invite them to be part of the greater WOU community,” Welch said. “I hope students will be excited to show-off their life at WOU to their families and introduce families to traditions, friends and favorite parts and places of WOU.”

Visit WOU Family Weekend to learn about the events and register. Check out lodging options while you’re on the website.

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