Attention Transfer Students: We’re Here to Help

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When you are ready to transfer to Western Oregon University, Dr. Kristin Mauro is definitely someone you want to meet.

The director of Western Oregon University’s Transfer Pathways department, Mauro is an advocate and a valuable resource for transfer students. She works with students to view their transcripts and explain how their courses will transfer, and she assists transfer students to make sure the pieces are in place before they are assigned their academic adviser at the beginning of their first term.

Her goal is to help students make a successful transfer from a community college or other four-year university to WOU. Along with Darlene Fritz, pre-education adviser, Mauro travels to Chemeketa, Linn-Benton and Clackamas community colleges to meet with students and answer their questions.

“A common question I get is about class sizes and rigor of classes, so I talk to students about Western being similar to their community college culture,” Mauro said. “When it comes to classes being more rigorous, I talk to them about how their 100/200 courses have given them a foundation that can be built upon.”

Mauro encourages transfer students to continue the momentum they’ve built while completing their associate’s degree. Mostly, she emphasizes Western Oregon has the support system in place to help students make a successful transfer.

Academic adviser for transfer students
Dr. Kristin Mauro is the director of Western Oregon University’s Transfer Pathways program.

Today at WOU interviewed Mauro about the advice she gives transfer students. Here are her answers:

What steps do students need to take to transfer from a community college or another college to WOU?

Several years ago, my colleagues and I across the state developed the six steps to a successful transfer. In addition, transfer students can find more information and resources available on the Transfer Pathways website.

When do they need to apply by so they can get scholarships?

The scholarship deadline is March 1 for the following academic year. For example, the deadline to apply for the 2020-21 academic year scholarships is March 1, 2020.  Students should apply as soon as possible.  It takes about two weeks to be admitted to Western Oregon University, and students cannot apply for scholarships until they have been admitted and have access to the Portal.

What advice do you give to students who are concerned about making the transition from a community college to a four-year university?

While transitioning from the community college to Western Oregon University may seem undaunting, it need not be. With a 14:1 faculty-to-student ratio and small classes, Western is committed to ensuring a positive transfer experience that leads to persistence and degree completion. I am pleased to say at Western there is an entire campus community of dedicated faculty and staff waiting to serve you while also easing your transition.

Who does WOU have partnerships with?

Western Oregon University’s dual enrollment program is called the Degree Partnership Program (DPP). We currently have DPP agreements with Chemeketa, Clackamas and Linn-Benton. We are currently working to add Lane Community College.

To officially enroll in the Degree Partnership Program, students must complete the DPP Declaration form three weeks before the beginning of the term they wish to enroll in the DPP program. The DPP Declaration form can found in the student’s Portal under financial aid forms.

What housing options are available for transfer students?

Transfer students have the option of being a part of the transfer hall, which is a live-learn community. If they do not want to be a part of the community, they can live in the other residence halls.

Who do you recommend a transfer student talk with at the community college they are transferring from? 

Students should talk with their academic adviser about potential majors they are interested in and whether Western is the right fit for them. After they have spoken to their academic adviser at the community college, they should make an appointment with either myself or Darlene to find out how their courses will transfer to Western. I serve as the primary contact for students with liberal arts majors. Darlene is the primary contact for pre-education majors. We will connect you to the appropriate faculty member to further discuss career and educational goals, if needed.

Dr. Kristin Mauro can be reached at 503-838-8732 or 

Darlene Fritz can be reached at 503-838-8704 or

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